SpinSplit is IoT ready

SpinSplit devices and modules are designed for flexibility. Every module can be attached to another with ease to make an instrument and every instrument are connected to the same platform: the local network of the laboratory. Therefore chemical reactions are not restricted to a single instrument. Instruments can do more together - seamlessly integrated in SpinStudio software. Flow chemistry with SpinSplit is moreover opened towards the world: reaction progress can be observed through your mobile devices when and where you want.

Spinsplit spFlow Modular Instruments offer a range of versatile flow chemistry solutions by providing a flexible IoT (Internet of Things) platform to interconnect modules to instruments and instruments to systems.

SpinSplit netPump module is an IoT ready syringe pump directly controllable through the local network by the SpinStudio software

The Spinsplit SpinStudio software transforms spFlow Instruments to an integrated flow chemistry system with unique flexibility in flow design.