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SpinSplit netPump

SpinSplit netPump module is an IoT ready syringe pump directly controllable through the local network by the SpinStudio software


SpinSplit netPump

SpinSplit netPump is a standalone syringe pump module with an integrated 3/2 distribution valve. The netPump module features a unique ability to control the pump from the local network and integrate one or more netPump modules to a more complex fluid system with ease by the SpinStudio flow software.

Key features:
  • Infuse / Withdraw operation modes
  • Wide flow rate range from 1 nL/min to 60 mL/min with 0.5 μL to 60 mL syringes
  • Syringes can be replaced without tools
  • 3/2 type distribution valve is assembled in each pump module
  • IoT ready: control over local area network (LAN), multiple pumps and flow systems can be operated simultaneously with SpinStudio software

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